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Mick Croome - Our Guest for October

Mick Croome

Thursday 24th October 2019 at 20:00 hrs, Holyport War Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green, SL6 2NQ.

Mick Croome had a long career in the Metropolitan Police Force. He qualified as an advanced Police Driving Instructor in 1996 and has continued to teach these skills ever since, including to members of TVGAM.

During his service, Mick worked at Hendon Driving School instructing on advanced cars, motorcycles, armoured vehicles and was promoted to the officer in charge of National Protection Driver Training. This training was provided to all police drivers employed in a protection role, including Royalty Protection and Special Branch Officers.

He later transferred to the Special Escort Group. The unit's purpose is to provide armed motorcycle escorts for members of the Royal family, protected members of the Government, visiting royals, heads of state and other visiting dignitaries. It also provides armed vehicle escorts for valuable, hazardous and protected loads and high risk prisoners. Mick will share with us some experiences of his time in this unit.

He has worked on numerous operations including the State Visit of President Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, Nelson Mandela and HM The Queen. In the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics, he developed, organised and conducted all the national motorcycle training for all visiting police officers.

These days Mick runs SpeedSkills, based at Bovingdon near Hemel Hempstead, where he runs a gruelling on-track and road driving experience, which was developed from his 30 year Met Police training and time driving some of the world’s most important dignitaries.

Within a week’s course attendees will be given escape and evasion driving skills which include high speed skid control, high speed reversing, J-turns, Y-turns, driving with loss of vision, two car exercises and theory on ramming and kerning.

The on-road core protection driving skills include route planning and recces, contingency plans, driving in convoy, driving under escort, pick-up and set down techniques, cross decking, IED and Ballistic awareness.

Mick has taught protection driver training to local drivers in hostile environments, assessing them and developing their own SOPs, contingency plans and driving skills for both the police and SpeedSkills. He has conducted training across the UK, Middle East & Africa.

Mick’s tales of operations that he was involved in. He talks in a lighthearted, amusing but deeply informative manner.

The Special Escort Group

This specialist unit of the Metropolitan Police consists of officers with a range of skills and operational experience from various policing backgrounds. One motorcyclist (lead bike) positions himself in front of the escort, controlling the precise pace, position, speed and timing of the escort, whilst the others forge ahead, dealing with traffic situations and advising the lead bike of the safest path through the traffic they are controlling. SEG officers on BMW R1200RS motorcycles use whistles in deference to sirens (which are not fitted). This reduces the level of noise that precedes an escort and softens the environmental impact on the escorted person and general public.

Officers from The Special Escort Group are among the few police motorcyclists within the UK that carry firearms openly whilst riding. All SEG officers are Advanced Drivers, Advanced Motorcyclists and are fully trained in anti-hijack driving and firearms tactics. The SEG uses a wide range of other vehicles aside from motorcycles, including Range Rovers, and BMW 5 Series, both marked and unmarked.

Come and bring a friend. This is a talk you won't want to miss.

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