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General Data Protection Regulation

Please tick box 1 if you wish arrangements to remain as they are
Tick either or both of boxes 2 and 3 if you wish something to change.
If you do not indicate your preference box 1 will be assumed.
1.  I wish to continue with the current arrangements concerning the use of my personal data
2.  I do not wish to receive information on training, committee, and social events or newsletters
relating to the Group and Road Safety.
3.  I do not wish to appear in or be referred to in or on any group publications or
group contributions to IAM RoadSmart publications (Inform).
The group cannot be held responsible for the unintentional inclusion of any person or vehicle
in any photograph or video posted to social media. A member not wishing to be included in a
group photograph should make it clear to the photographer or officials present.
Name (in capitals)
E-mail address
Membership Number

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Last updated: 12th July, 2020