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The Advanced Driver Course

(formerly known as Skill For Life)

New associates are invited to purchase the Advanced Driver Course which includes:.

  • Your initial assessment;
  • Associate membership of the group for one year;
  • Getting Started Session (both classroom and on the road);
  • Course Logbook;
  • Guidance and advice on the road by qualified Observers;
  • A pre-test check with a National Observer;
  • Your Advanced Driving Test;
  • Associate membership of iAM RoadSmart for one year, which
    automatically upgrades to full membership when you pass your test.

A package most would expect to cost hundreds of pounds.

Well the current cost is just £149.

IAM Members in Other Categories

If you are a current IAM full member in a different category (motorcycle or commercial) and wish to take the car test, then you will still need the Advanced Driver Course package but you will get a £31 discount.

Our Area

Our area is defined by the following postcodes:

GU 15, 17, 19;
HP 9 - 11;
RG 1 - 10, 12, 40 - 42, 45;
SL 0 - 9.

However, except when there is a backlog of Associates awaiting allocation to Observers we are happy to accept associates from outside the area if they find it more convenient to belong to our group. Full members are always welcome to join the group.

How to Join the Group

You can purchase the Advanced Driver Course online. After you have purchased the course you should contact the group you wish to join. You are not enrolled automatically, but there is no additional payment for the first year.

To join this group please come along to a monthly meeting or contact the Group Secretary.

Please note: this is a car group. If you wish to prepare for the IAM Motorcycle Test we recommend that you join Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists.

Giftaid It!

If you gift-aid your group subscription we can claim back an extra 25% from HMRC. You can do it online here.

Membership Categories

Associate This applies to anyone who has not yet passed the advanced driving test. Associate membership includes advice from our observers, through observed drives, to enable you to attain the IAM test standard. It is hoped that you will remain with the group subsequent to passing the test, whereupon you would be entitled to the benefits of Full membership and the lower renewal rate.

Please note that the associate fee shown on the right applies only to Associates renewing associate membership after the first year. The first year is included in the Advanced Driver Course package (see above). If there is a backlog of Associates awaiting Observers your group membership will run until twelve months after the date on which you are assigned to an Observer, provided that you maintain your associate membership of iAM RoadSmart.
Full This applies to anyone who has passed the advanced driving test and is a current full car member of iAM RoadSmart. For Associates who pass the test the fee is only payable when membership is due for renewal. £10.00 *
Group Friend This applies to anyone who is interested in joining the group but does not wish to receive guidance from our observers or to undertake the advanced driving test. This category is not available to former members of the IAM. £10.00 *
Multiple Membership In the event of two or more Full Members or Group Friends (or any combination) living at the same address who require one printed copy of the newsletter between them, the first member pays the full postal rate and each additional member pays the lower rate. £18.00
IAM RoadSmart Member The IAM RoadSmart membership fee is payable on the anniversary of joining. Associate Membership of IAM RoadSmart for one year is included in the Advanced Driver Course package, and automatically upgrades to full membership when you pass the test. This is separate from the group membership fees described above. † Reduced fee if paid be direct debit. £38.00
IAM RoadSmart Fellow As Member but includes a retest every three years. £49.00
Important You cannot be a member of the Group or undertake observed drives unless you are a paid-up member, fellow or associate of iAM RoadSmart.  

All Members and Associates receive a monthly newsletter, except in August and December, that provides information on Group activities and events. Full and Associate members of the IAM receive the Advanced Driving magazine.

* The higher rate includes a printed copy of the newsletter; the lower rate includes electronic access to the newsletter. Currently “electronic access” means that a PDF copy of the Newsletter is sent by e-mail.

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