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Local Pinch Point Schemes to be Funded

The following schemes in our area have been approved under Tranche 2 of the scheme:


The extension of Stafferton Way link road completes a circular route around the town by linking the A308 and A4, and will provide an alternate route for through traffic, removing congestion at the rail station and through the town centre.


Improvements to provide extra capacity on the A33, helping to ease current congestion and facilitate planned growth. The scheme includes additional traffic lanes and controls at junctions plus new cycle/pedestrian connections to employment hubs.

Reading Bridge structural improvements and traffic management to address the deterioration of the bridge.


Junction improvement scheme to ease congestion on the A329/A322 corridor.

The Station Link Road will provide a new section of highway in the heart of Wokingham town, linking the A321 Wellington Road to the A329 Reading Road, directly past the entrance to Wokingham station.

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Last updated: 8th July, 2020