About Us

What is our purpose?

Covering Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Reading and surrounding areas, Thames Valley Group of Advanced Motorists is one of almost 200 local charities affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, who, in 2013, went through an extensive rebranding programme, emerging as IAMRoadsmart. Our purpose as the representatives of that organization in your locality is to promote a high standard of driving by delivering the IAMRoadsmart Advanced Driver Course. Based on the UK Police Driver’s Handbook called ‘Roadcraft’, we espouse the system of car control which underpins the training we offer those who enroll with us to develop their everyday driving skills. The system is a tried and tested, methodical approach to managing all types of driving hazards.

Having registered with IAM centrally, you will be allocated to our Group as an Associate. We teach the Advanced Driving Course by engaging you with one of our IMI trained Observers. Following a series of live observed driving sessions arranged between you and the Observer in your own vehicle, you will reach ‘test ready’ standards – and once you have passed your test, and become a Full member of TVGAM, we will have succeeded in our purpose: to encourage safe, smooth and efficient driving, which also can make driving much more of a pleasure even on our busy roads.

All members of our Group are volunteers, passionately interested in helping you develop driving techniques, and the whole process, whilst sometimes challenging for the Associate, can be immensely rewarding. Our 250+ members receive newsletters, are invited to regular Group meetings, and can train further if they wish by following the Fellow programme, work on giving back to the Group by becoming an Observer in their own right, or aspire to the Masters course, which is the pinnacle of driving in the UK

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