Group Activities

What can members expect from us?

The Thames Valley Group of Advanced Motorists (TVGAM) was founded more than 40 years ago, one of nearly 200 local groups around the UK affiliated to IAM Roadsmart (formerly known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists). TVGAM is a voluntary organization, constituted as an independent charity 1057212, with a Group Committee made up of IAM members.

IAM RoadSmart driver

The main purpose of the Group is to promote safe driving to a high standard, by assisting drivers to prepare for the Advanced Driving Test. To support this mission, TVGAM seeks to provide a local voice on motoring matters, acting as a focal point for members to exchange information and views on driving topics. The Group is the channel through which their membership of IAMRoadsmart is delivered. Our Newsletters keep members abreast of what’s happening and what’s coming up.

Our Group meetings are held up to 10 times a year in Holyport Village Memorial Hall, just outside Bray. Group meetings frequently feature a speaker who addresses members on a chosen topic. Speakers are drawn from local and wider communities, and their subjects range from the Air Ambulance, traffic management, and subjects like the development of electric propulsion, whilst, on lighter occasions, there are quizzes and even treasure hunts.

These welcoming hosted meetings are also the place many come to meet new members, receive updates on the Committee’s work.  These occasions also help to build collaboration and friendships amongst our diverse member base. Those who volunteer to help outside the Committee are especially valued for their support, as opportunities do arise to share the tasks of running the Group even if these positions are not formal Committee posts. Help in this way is greatly appreciated and often proffered by test pass members wanting to give back to TVGAM.

All members of TVGAM are invited to these meetings, which fulfil a social objective, whilst attempting to deliver value in terms of enriching our knowledge of the people and the jobs they do to support our central purpose: to encourage and refresh driving skills which are skills for life.

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