Membership Pricing

TypeDescriptionAnnual Renewal Fee
ASSOCIATEFor those who are in the process of undertaking their Advanced Driving Course.
* If you purchase an Advanced Driving Course your first year's Group membership is included in the price.
You cannot undertake observed drives unless both IAM and TVGAM memberships are current

FELLOWFor members who have passed their advanced driving test and wish to maintain their skill levels by retaking it every 3 years£10
FULLFor members who have passed their advanced driving test£10
GROUP FRIENDFor anyone interested in joining the Group, but not undergoing observed drives or take the advanced driving test £10


Should you experience any difficulties in setting up or renewing your membership of IAM RoadSmart or TVGAM please contact the Membership Secretary by CLICKING HERE

You must be a current Member of IAM RoadSmart to be an Associate, Fellow or Full Member of TVGAM