Refresher Drive – TVGAM Members Only

Refresher Drive – TVGAM Members Only


Maintain your skills and ensure that you’re at the top of your game with our members-only refresher drives. A lot can change over the years, for instance with updates to the Highway Code and new infrastructure such as “smart motorways,” and refresher drives are a great way to keep up to date and polish any of those skills that you identify as being needed.


A one-hour drive in your vehicle, aimed at refreshing, updating and evaluating the next steps for your driver development. It’s also an excellent chance to engage with the TVGAM community and enjoy being involved. There is no test and the course has no impact on your existing Advanced Driver status.


  • For members of TVGAM only
  • Only available to those who have passed the Advanced Driving Test
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Refresher Drive – TVGAM Members Only

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