Joining TVGAM as a member

TVGAM membership is open to any driver who passes our Advanced Test, qualifies by exemption or joins through one of our business courses. We are a friendly community of like-minded individuals from across the Thames Valley area and are delighted to welcome new members to our group.

When you become a member, you’ll get access to an exclusive member benefits package, as well as opening up a host of exciting and fulfilling opportunities and challenges.

How does it all work?

We are authorised providers of the Advanced Driving Course from IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent road safety charity. If you are in our catchment area (see below), when you purchase your course, it is TVGAM that will provide your training and support. It’s our job to help you on your journey to becoming a safer, happier driver and as a member you can enjoy all the events, community engagement and benefits you could wish for.

Take a look at our courses and follow the link to buy it via IAM RoadSmart. Once confirmed, they will assign you to our group and we can begin your training.

Get all the info

Get all the info on this site and be sure to read our page about what Advanced Driving means. You can also watch our introductory video here.

Purchase your course

Browse our courses and find one that best matches your needs. The links on each of the courses will direct you to the IAM RoadSmart site.

Go for F1RST!

Once you purchase your course you’ll receive your membership number from IAM and you’ll be assigned to TVGAM to begin your advanced driver training!

Our coverage area

Check your postcode in our online tool to see if you fall into the TVGAM catchment area. If you do, then after purchasing a course from IAM Roadsmart, our parent organisation, you’ll be assigned to us as you begin your journey towards an advanced driving qualification. You may even join us if you live outside this area, provided you are willing to travel to meet your observer.

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Discover our courses

Whether you’re just thinking about doing an advanced driving course or you’re already qualified and are looking to progress, we have the answer for you. There are even courses available for newly-qualified drivers and refreshers for mature drivers. Don’t delay – check out our courses today.

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We will be delighted to hear from you, so please get in touch with whatever is on your mind.

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