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Sep 10, 2022

Driving Ambitions to Reduce Emissions

We are all aware of the impact of CO2 emissions on global warming. You may own a Hybrid or EV or be considering changing to one. Or you may have decided to keep your current car on the road for longer. Whichever path you choose:
Come along and find out how……..

TVGAM and IAAPS have formed a partnership to bring you some of the answers at this roadshow…….

IAAPS is an institute from the University of Bath who research sustainable mobility. Their researchers cover a whole breadth of disciplines from Engineering, Science, Computing, Economic and Behaviour change which together are striving to take us to net zero emissions.
At the roadshow researchers from IAAPS will be showcasing their research with a range of activities for a range of ages to help pupils and grown-ups understand different vehicle technologies and will be there to discuss these topics and showcase their research vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and BMW i8.

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Oct 15, 2022

Observer Development

The next focussed development session for TVGAM Observers.

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Sep 20, 2022

September Group Meeting

Cycling UK is the UK-wide charity which has been supporting cycling and cyclists since 1878. The Oxfordshire Cycling Network campaigns for more cycling and better facilities in the county, where 180,000 people currently cycle, but four times this number would with world-class infrastructure. It brings together people from 30 cycling groups across the county.

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