How much does this all cost?

The TVGAM membership fee is included for the first year after purchasing an Advanced Driving course. After this first year, we hope that all members decide to continue to take advantage of the numerous benefits of membership for a small annual fee as detailed below.

If you have any questions about the fee and membership more generally, please get in touch.


  • For those in the process of undertaking their Advanced Driving Course
  • Price of first year is included when purchasing an IAM RoadSmart course
  • Required for undertaking observed drives



  • For members who have passed their Advanced Driving test
  • Maintain your skills by retaking the test every 3 years



  • For members who have passed their Advanced Driving test



  • For anyone interested in joining the group
  • No observed drives or requirement to take the Advanced Driving test



  • Fellow, Full or Group Friend members without computer capability, or have special  requirements which require a printed newsletter sent by mail, are required to pay a membership fee of £22 per year to cover printing and distribution costs.
  • You must be a current Member of IAM RoadSmart to be an Associate, Fellow or Full Member of TVGAM